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The Pine Hostel

Pine Hostel focuses first and foremost on providing all visitors with a comfortable stay, and at a price that is easy to afford. We have designed our premise to ensure that our offerings are rather grand, providing premiere amenities and cozy rooms to everyone that walks through the door. We have done the research and are pleased to say we offer top of the line accommodations for a hostel environment.

Staying at the Pine Hostel is quite affordable, as our staff only charges a small price premium. We hope to encourage newcomers to explore the growing popularity of Singapore without fearing that they cannot make the trip. We work to save you money on your stay so you can spend more time and resources touring the island!


About Us

Pine Hostel has a sincere interest in the hospitality industry which allows us to provide a comfortable and easy stay for all that are interested in resting at our facility.

  •  We hope to do our part to promote our tiny island as a niche tourist destination or a nice place to stay in transit.
  •  People of all walks of life are welcome here. Every guest will receive the same amount of attention and care with no exceptions.
  •  Our island is tiny, yet expensive! We hope to do what we can to ensure that everyone can afford to visit and enjoy their stay here.

Singapore is growing in popularity as a business and vacation destination, welcoming visitors from all over the world to enjoy our unique and charming culture. Those interested in exploring this tiny but impressive island are encouraged to use our hostel as a place of rest and comfort during their stay.


Just Inn Singapore (Our First Establishment)

Our first establishment had very different goals than one would imagine.

  • We set up in 2010 on the outskirt of the city.
  •  The hostel had a very small, simple budget that restricted our vision and how we could grow the hostel.
  •  Travelers who were not choosy were happy to stay here, but more sophisticated travelers passed us over.

Given the limitations of our budget, our first location focused primarily on cleanliness. The goal was to provide a stay that was reasonably comfortable for guests, but primarily catered to those that were travelling on a tight budget– a restriction we certainly understood.


Pine Hostel (Our Second Establishment)

Since then, we have established a new hostel that better caters to the needs of our growing customer base.

  • The Pine Hostel was reestablished in 2013, ready to welcome guests with open arms.
  •  Located in a more centrally located area where there is more hype.
  • Several amenities, including a grocery stores, 24 hour Lavender Hawker center and Little India are all within a quick walking distance.

The prices here are still affordable for budget travelers: the focus is now on providing luxury for those travelling on a tight budget. Rooms have been renovated to so they are comfortable and cozy. Each guest will be given a spacious living area to enjoy during their stay with us! The goal is to ensure that every guest gets everything they need, whenever they need it.


As sleep is a very important part of our lives, particularly when you are travelling. Those that are planning an extensive day of touring need to be able to come back to a place that feels ‘homey’ and ‘comfortable’ to relax at the end of the day. Pine Hostel works to ensure that these needs are met so you can enjoy Singapore to the fullest, throughout your stay.